Super Simple Team Task Management

Super Simple Team Task Management

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Managing a team can be a challenge. Keeping track of where everything is at is even harder. 

With this Automation Hack, you'll get a simple, but incredibly powerful task management system that will allow you to see exactly where each of your team members is up to with every single task that has been allocated to them.

You'll love it because you can monitor where things are up to in one place. They will love it because you won't always be asking for updates!

How does it work?

Each of your team members has a Trello board with lists (columns) for 'To Do', 'Doing', 'Done' (or whatever stages you specify).

When you want to allocate a new task to a team member, you add a new Trello card. You'll be able to add a description, checklists, images, videos, and of course, a due date.

As soon as you add the task, your team member will get a Slack message. Every time they move a task into 'Doing' and 'Done', you will get a message to keep you up to date.

We'll create one template for you, and provide a video for how to replicate it for more team members.

Any additional cost or setup fees related to the apps involved are not included, and are at your own cost. You will require Zapier, Trello, and Slack accounts to run the automations. We may substitute other apps or platforms where it is necessary. 

The delivery period for Automation Hacks commences from the time that you provide us will all information, logins and material in order for the build to be completed, and we have acknowledged receipt.