Send SMS From Airtable

Send SMS From Airtable

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Airtable is an awesome database solution for almost every type of business. 

With this Automation Hack, we will enable automated SMS functionality in Airtable.

Here are some examples of use cases:

  • Send a message to let a customer know their order is ready
  • Reminder message for appointments
  • Text to send further information or a link for a special offer

If you're not sure if what you need is possible, just click the chat icon on this page to ask our team.

How does it work?

  • We set up a field in Airtable that triggers an SMS to be sent
  • An SMS is sent directly to the contact 

Note that the messages are one-way - the recipient will not be able to respond. If you're after two-way messaging, check out our SMS Bot Hack.

You'll just need to provide us with the template for the SMS, and let us know which field you'd like to trigger the SMS.

We will configure one SMS for this Hack. If you need more messages, just adjust the quantity in checkout.

For this Automation Hack, you'll need Airtable, Zapier, and Twilio accounts. 

Any additional cost or setup fees related to the apps involved are not included, and are at your own cost. We may substitute other apps or platforms where it is necessary.

The delivery period for Automation Hacks commences from the time that you provide us will all information, logins and material in order for the build to be completed, and we have acknowledged receipt.